Best 10 facts about space

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Best 10 facts about space

10. Probability of alien life is 100%

9. How insignificant earth is to the sun
This video shows earth in comparison to the planets and suns/stars with only the ones that we know of. There are even more larger masses out there.

8. Scientists Discover Planet Made of Diamond

7. Water Balloon In Space – What Happens

6. Scientist say earth has more than one moon!
Nibiru’s orbit around the Sun is highly elliptic.

5. What if You Were Born in Space?
In space you can expect to be 2 inches taller due to the absence of gravity.

4. Footprints on the moon are permanent fact due to the lack of wind

3. When you look at a bright object in space, you are looking at it as it was millions of years ago

2. About 23% of all matter in the universe is invisible to humans, this matter is cald ‘dark matter’

1. A type of strange matter exists in the universe is called ‘Antimatter’
This is the exact opposite of matter itself.

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