Best 10 dog tricks

Published on May 12, 2014 by best10videos

Best 10 dog tricks

10. The fastest dog in the universe!
The trick? Being the fastest dog. Blink and you missed him.

9. Amazing Dog Trick with Lexi the Rescue

8. Cross eyes on command
Labrador puppy, Olive, crosses her eyes on command. She can also speak, roll over, shake, and kiss.

7. Uggie the Dog Does Tricks for Ellen!
He’s the star of the Golden Globe-winning film “The Artist,” and today he was on with Ellen! He showed off some of his best tricks for her. Ellen might have a new favorite dog!

6. The stacking of 36 treats on the dog nose

5. Dog plays Dead with dramatic pug stumble

4. Dog Climbing Tree on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show

3. Double Dutch Dog Blows your mind

2. The Best Trained Dog Ever (2013)

1. Surfin´ Bulldog
Surfing Bulldog Tillman. Ron Davis is the owner of this 6 year old English Bulldog Tillman living in Oxnard California.

What do you think is the best dog trick video?

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