Best 10 animal pranks

Published on Jun 02, 2014 by best10videos

Best 10 animal pranks

10. Pink Elephant Prank
In this epic prank people have drinks with LSD, after that they let them drive around while the drugs take effect, and then have a fake cop pull them over. Once out of their vehicle, the crew paraded a pink elephant with yellow polka dots right in front of their faced but behind the police officer’s back – effectively making them believe we laced their drink with LSD, or that they’ve gone crazy. Now to think of it, maybe it wasn’t necessary to lace their drink with LSD in the first place.

9. Skunk Prank
Something smells, and it ain’t a cat. See the hilarious reactions of people who think a skunk has just popped in for a visit.

8. Gorilla Attack

7. Lion Escape Prank

6. Talking Dog Prank

5. Rat in Dressing Room Hidden Camera Prank

4. A slightly different kind of monkey attack

3. Crazy Bird Prank!

2. Porn and farm animal sounds
This dude’s friend changed the windows start up sound on his laptop to porn and farm animal sounds. The perfect prank to pull while in a quiet library.

1. Smart dog can really play dead

Which animal prank do you like most?

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