10 Poisonous Foods People Like Eating

Published on May 18, 2014 by best10videos

10 Poisonous Foods People Like Eating

10. Mushrooms
Around 5% of the Mushrooms varieties are toxic.

9. Rhubarb
The green leaves contain oxalic acid. In the video below you will learn more about Rhubarb.

8. Kidney Beans
Kidney Beans have large quantities of the toxin lectin. In the video below you will learn how To Boil Kidney Beans.

7. Apples
Apple pips contain cyanide.

6. Tomatoes
The area near the stem and leaves contains the toxic tomatine.

5. Potatoes
Green potatoes have extremely high levels of the glycoalkaloid poison.

4. Cherries
The pips contain the chemical hydrogen cyanide. The person

3. Brazil Nuts
The most radio active food in the world, because these nuts have very high concentrations of radium compared with all other food.

2. Nutmeg
Is know for hallucinogen and can cause psychosis.

1. Pufferfish
The puffer fish is a very expensive Japanese dish to eat, but watch out, it can lead to paralysis or kill you.
The cutting of this fish requires 7 years of intense training

Which ‘poisonous’ food do you like eating the most?

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